HMY Britannia Decommissioning

A special tribute to celebrate the former Royal Yacht

As a tribute to the former "HMY BRITANNIA", Willraynes was commissioned to design a special presentation box containing a fine bottle of port. With the approval of The Queen, Willraynes supplied the former royal yacht with 1250 of these prestigious mementos of our heritage as a maritime nation. This unique and limited world-wide edition is offered as a special tribute to commemorate the decommissioning of "HMY BRITANNIA". Each presentation box has its own numbered certificate describing the former royal yacht's historic voyage around the world via Hong Kong.

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An Historic Voyage



The Royal Yacht Britannia made her last voyage in 1997, before being decommissioned from exclusive Royal service. Her final Royal duty was to attend the handing over of Hong Kong to China, the last chapter of the British Empire. HMY Britannia sailed from Hong Kong with His Royal Highness Charles, Prince of Wales, accompanied by the last Governor of Hong Kong, Mr Chris Patten, to the tremendous sound of the Royal Marines Band and fireworks.


The Royal Yacht was commissioned in 1954 and decommissioned from full service in 1997, having given 43 glorious years service to the nation. Commodore Anthony Morrow and his crew of 234, all volunteers from the Royal Navy made this epic voyage calling at Malta, Egypt, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.


After visiting Hong Kong, the Royal Yacht returned to Portsmouth visiting Manila, Crete and Gibralter en-route. As always this great ship was promoting the interests of the British people to many existing and new friends. There were 83 trade appointments conducted, which were worth billions of pounds in exports and trade to the United Kingdom. There was an opportunity for ambassadors and diplomats to renew relationships and in some cases, to retire from duty, at what was a poignant occasion in their careers.


The Royal Yacht Britannia has been one of the finest ambassadors of Great Britain, maintaining our great tradition of maritime history. As our sovereign nation builds new relationships with our partners in Europe, so the decommissioning of this great ship from exclusive Royal service marks a new chapter of communication and business with the rest of the world. Sadley this great ship is no longer exclusively for the use of the Monarchy and Great Britain. Therefore, this last voyage is one for all to remember as a fitting tribute to the patriotic duties the Royal Yacht Britannia has performed and its lasting contribution to the wealth and heritage of our nation.